We charge by the hour, not by the website. We’ll try to give you as honest an estimate up front as we can (based on our current rate of $60/hour, charged in ¼ hours.) Estimates are based on the time it has taken us to do similiar projects or on the scope of the project, but remember if changes are requested or the scope changes as the process moves forward, the more it may end up costing. We know sometimes money can be tight, especially when starting a business, and we always try to keep your budget in mind.

We always try to be fair to our clients and hope that they will be fair to us in return by paying us for our time and by paying on time.

What other charges can you expect?

In addition to website design, there are a couple more things to consider. One is web hosting – it can vary from $7 - $30 a month depending on your requirements and who your host is. The other thing is domain registration. It can vary from $12 - $30 annually depending on who you’re registered with, and how many years you pay in advance.

We can advise you on all these issues and help you choose a provider. You decide who is going to host your website, and you maintain your business relationship directly with them. As costs and services vary, we can advise you as to your best option, but whoever you choose, we will get it all set up for you.

As for maintenance, you pay only for the work you ask us to do, charged by the (minimum) quarter hour. And we pledge that if we receive a request from you before noon, we will have the work done by 5:00 pm that same business day. And any requests we get after noon, if we can’t do them that day, will be done by noon the following business day.

What you won’t pay for:

With hypertext there are no long-term contracts to sign and we do not charge any sort of monthly fee or retainer. You’ll get billed by us only when we do some work for you.

And if you ever have a tech support issue with your web host, we are happy to contact them on your behalf, at no charge to you.