C.V. of Lead Developer

Nancy Hastings-Trew, owner and principal of hypertext digital publishing came to the field of graphic and website design from a fine arts background. Trained at the School of Visual Arts of the University of Windsor, she specialized in drawing, painting and print-making and pursued a career as a painter during the 70's, 80's and early 90's. Her work is represented in a number of private and corporate collections.

Nancy Hastings-Trew enjoyed a long association with the Stratford Festival Theatre as part of the production team as a milliner, costume decorator and jeweler. From nearly two decades of experience in theatrical costuming she gained a high reputation for the calibre of her work and her ability to invent creative solutions to design problems. Working closely with many renowned theatre designers has given her a unique insight into the creative process and an ability to interpret and bring to life the ideas of others.

Looking for a change from working in theatre production, she turned her growing interest in computer graphics and digital media to a reinvention of herself as a graphic artist. She worked for a period of time with an instant print company and gained experience in the field of graphic design and digital layout, later starting up her own free-lance graphic design business. Interest in website development and programming followed naturally from this experience and this has become the primary focus of her business.

From her hands-on experience in the printing business and a background in both natural media and computer graphics and programming, Hastings-Trew has a unique approach to both graphic design and website development. She excels in meeting design challenges and creating unique solutions to web interactivity, content and data management utilizing MySQL, PHP and AJAX. (PHP and MySQL are the web technologies used on Facebook and Twitter)

She has recently expanded her skill-set to include a an understanding of responsive web design using HTML5 and CSS3 to create mobile-ready and accessibility-compliant websites.