Web design – our approach

Our personal design philosophy has always been: “Make the internet less crappy, one website at a time.” While we love to be given free reign with our creativity, we recognize that each client has specific needs which we need to listen to, and that their websites need to reflect the character of their product and brand. That’s why if you look through our portfolio, no two websites are alike. We feel that usability, readability and consistent presentation are key to a good user experience. We try to stay on top of design and web trends and our approach to web structure is constantly evolving to meet changing technologies, search engine trends and end-user preferences.

We wish we could say that every website we have ever built was perfect – but best practices for the web have changed a lot over the years and we’ve tried hard to change our techniques along with them.

We’re always upgrading our skills, like building websites that rank well with Google’s new search algorithms (no funny stuff – just straight-up relevant content.) We build mobile-ready sites if you need one, either with a dedicated mobile-friendly design or using the latest responsive layout techniques (in other words – your website will look equally good on a desktop computer or a smart phone). We’re using some cool new design tricks with CSS3 and we’re creating sites that no longer rely on tons of image slices and tables for layout.

But one thing we’ve never changed is the way we approach a project and communicate with our clients. We believe that every web project deserves an individual approach. We don’t use 3rd-party templates or purchased content. We discuss the project with you before we start and we’ll suggest the best approach for your particular business’ or organization’s needs. We’ll keep your budget in mind. You approve the process every step of the way and if you have special requirements for content or data management, we’ll build a custom solution for you.

And if you have any problems with your website once it’s up and running, from simple updates to issues with your hosting, or just have some questions about how the web works, we’re here to help. One of the things our clients always tell us is how much they appreciate the personal level of service we provide.

sketch of website layout